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Swedish Massage-

A gentle massage, yet relaxing massage.  This massage is known for its light to moderate pressure.  Excellent for increasing circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage-

Our most popular massage.  It focuses on relieving tension, lengthening  and strengthening muscles and removing adhesions (knots), with deep pressure.

Neuromuscular Massage-

A concentrated massage.  This massage pays close attention to the origins and the insertion of the muscle that is causing the pain.

Techniques such as Cross Fiber Friction, Bending, Myo-Fascia Release and accurate amount of pressure is applied.

Pre-natal Massage-

Pressure relieving massage for the expecting moms.  After your first trimester clients are welcomed for their pre-natal massage.  Carrying extra weight can sometimes cause discomfort in the lower back.  By laying on your side we focus on relieving pressure with a light soothing massage.


A 45 minute massage working on hands and feet.  Hands and Feet have trigger points that can reflect another part of the body.  Example:  having pain in the shoulder?  The pad under your 5th metatarsal is a reflex point that could help decrease the pain.  An amazing massage.

Cranial Sacral-

A 30 minute Head massage.  Focus is placed on the temporalis, frontal, and the occipitalis muscles with a slight rocking motion.  This exercise is followed by a soothing scalp massage.  Clients that suffer from headaches, sinuses, tmj, and migraines would find this most beneficial.  Added services may be applied with an additional fee.

 Chair Massage-

Great for corporate events, employee appreciation, and parties.  Atlanata Massage Retreat will arrive at your location with a portable massage chair that is designed for comfort and support.  You have a choice to choose from 10 minute sessions or 20 minutes session. 

Couple Massage-

This is the perfect gift to bond with your love ones.  Includes two plush treatment tables and soothing music. All for $130.00. Upgrade to our Deluxe Couple Service for only $155.00which includes a dessert. (We ask for a week in advance for scheduling)


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